Translogica offers a rare combination of logistics knowledge, technical expertise and vision that enables us to deliver unique solutions to difficult problems.

“For the first time in years, I am having fun responding to a tender”
--Business Dev. Mgr.,
Exel Logistics, Italy

We agree, and think you will, too.

Collabortative group pilots secure vehicle parking
EU-backed SETPOS consortium is creating a chain of pilot secure truck stops in 5 European countries.  more
Moving Businesses Together

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your industry peers believe that collaboration can save them up to 20% or more of their logistics costs? more
Collaborative logistics and intelligent procurement help move businesses together
Cut logistics costs
Lower carbon emissions
Reduce congestion

PreFlex eRFC™
(Request For Collaboration) - Currently available for collaborative logistics matching:
◊ 1.3 Million loads
◊ 7000 unique lanes
◊ all temperature regimes
◊ 15 countries
◊ 30 companies

Join with these thought-leading companies - costs less than attending a conference, so stop talking about collaboration and start collaborating!

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Sustainable Logistics

Empty vehicles and under-used warehouses are a plague on the industry, damaging business and consumers through cost, and everyone through unnecessary congestion, pollutions and carbon emissions.

Logistics collaboration between non-competing (or even competing!) companies is increasingly seen by logistics management as the best means of remedying this problem. It is also recognised as a powerful tool for reducing cost, improving customer service, cutting emissions, mitigating the impacts of legislation such as delivery curfews, drive-time restrictions and overcoming lack of critical mass when addressing new markets, geographies and even modal shift.

PreFlex eRFC™ (Request For Collaboration) is our completely unique environment enabling companies to safely, anonymously and easily seek out collaborative logistics partners (which might be a manufacturer, a retailer or a logistics management company), understand the scale of the opportunity, and perform what-if analysis of the impact of moving distribution centres.
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Logistics Procurement

Those engaged in logistics management today face real challenges - economic, political and environmental.

Buyers of logistics services know that prices are volatile and it is risky changing to a new, unknown supplier. Finding the best supplier, or group of suppliers, and getting the right balance of price, quality and service is getting harder and harder.

Suppliers of logistics services know that bidding for business is time-consuming, and unless they can demonstrate the value in their bids and the expertise they can bring, the process boils down to finding the lowest price.

Translogica offers the best-of-breed multi-lingual on-demand logistics procurement platform and is liked by both buyers and suppliers of logistics because it drives out best value solutions.
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New RFQ facitilty: Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) can register at no cost as "candidates" and advertise their capabilities known to buyers.
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